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What's keeping you stuck?

Nothing better than a quick free quiz to while away the time, right? But wait... this quiz will actually provide you with some super useful information and advice. 

If you're feeling stuck in your life and you don't know how to free yourself and move forward, taking this quiz is a great start. Life is too short to stay stuck in things that don't serve you, right?

That anger that's been poisoning you on the inside... the guilt that's secretly eating you alive...  the fear that's paralysing you when you're trying to move towards your goals... the procrastination that's keeping you from taking action on making your dreams come true...

Find out what is keeping you most stuck in your life right now, and more importantly, what to do about it!

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The truth about being stuck

Now that you've taken our free quiz, it's time to reflect on the truth about being stuck...

What you most need to remember is that feeling stuck is just a state of mind. Even though it may feel that way at the time, you're not really drowning in mud. You're not actually chained to a tree. And since feeling stuck is a state of mind, you can CHANGE your mind whenever you choose...

At any time, you can make a decision to release your 'stuckness' and let go. 

You see, you don't HAVE to hold on to those painful feelings. Grieve if you must, and process whatever you need to, but remember this: There's life after whatever you're going through right now. There's love waiting for you to be free of the past, and joy and abundance too. But you have to make room for it by letting go. 

Take one small action that symbolises the act of letting go today. It can be as big or as small as you like... Clear the clutter in one of your drawers and let go of years' worth of junk. Write a letter of forgiveness to someone who has hurt you (and burn it when you're done). Be done with procrastination by taking action on a project that you've been wanting to get started on forever. Release perfectionism by creating something - anything - as imperfectly as you like...

Now doesn't that feel good?

*ps. If you need a bit of extra help in letting that sh*t go, consider downloading this EPIC eBook with 21 Sanity-Saving strategies to release the stuff that's keeping you stuck. You'll be helping yourself, but you'll also be helping the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust to continue the fabulous work they're doing in rescuing and raising orphan elephants in Central Africa. Way to go! :)

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~ Chosen by Hay House Team, including President and CEO Reid Tracy

Mia Rose with Deepak Chopra at the Hay House Writer's Workshop, Melbourne 2013.

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"Dr. Mia has created a compelling work that explores loving relationships in a whole new light. She leads the reader to explore the most tender and intimate aspects of loving relationships using her mastery as a professional therapist with a twist - she shares from her heart! The power, warmth and beauty of her personal experience connect with the reader in ways most books on relationships never will!" ~ Mark E. Hundley, Licensed Professional Counselor and Author of Awaken to Good Mourning.

"Mia Rose is a modern day master in the art of LOVE and personal relationships. Her compelling story of her own transformation and the wisdom she shares in Awaken to Love is food for the soul and wisdom for anyone who has ever been in love." ~ Ariaa Jaeger, Spiritual Life Strategist, Philosopher, Author of Ariaaisms ~ Spiritual Food for the Soul, AriaaQuotes and The Book of Ariaa

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