Examples of Haiku Poems

If you've been looking for a reason to sign up to Twitter, finding sublime examples of haiku poems is it. If you follow me on Twitter, you'll know that I love haiku poems and often write them or retweet when they appear in my Twitter stream.

Haiku Examples

Haiku Poems

Here is an example of a modern haiku poem that I recently posted:

'Love balloon dances
Graceful ballet soars up high
~ Falls from sky.'

...and one of my favorite haiku poems from one of our most talented poets on Twitter:

'As an island
in a meadow sea
the lonely tree.'
by @jbouzou

Rules for writing haiku

I hesitate in providing rules for writing haiku as modern poems don't require a rigid syllabic structure. Traditional haiku adheres to 5 syllables in line 1, seven syllables in line 2, and 5 syllables in line 3. Or as @Yojinbo posted, 'Haiku follows a strict style/format, 5-7-5 syllable count, third person, seasonal reference. If your poem is more free style, it would be more correct to refer to it as senryu.

The following guidelines for writing haiku may be helpful:

1. Keep it short - three lines are ideal.

2. Relate your haiku poem to your personal experience.

3. Use season words (spring, summer, autumn, winter) or refer to nature in your poem. For inspiration, try sitting outside in your favorite spot and observe what's happening around you, but also inside you. How do your surroundings relate to your emotions?

4. Choose vivid images that convey your feelings. It's good practice to use two different images in line 1 and 2; then link them together in line 3.

5. Make use of contrast. You may want to incorporate a pause into the poem, indicated by the use of a colon, semicolon, or hyphen. This helps to focus attention on the insight your poem presents.

6. Free style haiku doesn't have to rhyme.

7. Keep it simple.

Here are more examples of free style haiku poems from my Twitter friends:

Haiku Examples

Haiku Poems on Nature

'Autumn walk
free of charge
color therapy.'

'Fingers aflame
weaving new heavens...
the seas of autumn.'
by @Naumaddku

'... in the autunm breeze
whispered winter prayers
of trees ...'
by @Naumaddku

'Soft gray skies open
cold rain cascades on green tree
rising scent of life'
by @ChainOfWords

'October morning
crisply scented with new rain
bright seagulls spinning'
by @ChainOfWords

'the moment before
a falling leaf touches
the water'
by @forgottenworks

Haiku Poems on Writing and Learning

'To write from the heart
is to wear it on your sleeves
and risk, ridicule.
by @Tobuno

'Cloudy lazy day
perfect time to write write write
sweet story time to type.
by @ingridsundberg

'Pencils scratch paper
observing shadows and light
fingers find knowledge'
by @ingridsundberg

I write haiku
while the bills wait for me
' @alotus_poetry

Miscellaneous Haiku Examples

'Whistling in my hum
plum's nectar drips
in a storm across my lips'
by @lionlambluv

'fruity autumn jewels
plums and red pears sliced and baked
with almond crumble'
by @TryinOnANewLife

'three days of rain ...
not even a fraction
of the world's tears'
by @dengary

'the sky was so blue
it pulled the clouds overhead
and went back to bed
by @EliznMaeve

'In partners pocketsBr> numb fingertips warm gently.
Bonfire comfort.'
by @theboywyatt

And a special thanks to @eanbertho, who dedicated this haiku poem to me:

'all these melting guns
fate of the hate is facing
invisible sun'
by @eanbertho

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Read, reflect and be inspired. If you find something of value on our Examples of Haiku Poems page, enjoy its gifts and please pass it on to your friends.

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