Different Types of Poetry

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From Free Verse to Senryu

First, poetry is defined as any literature that is written in meter or verse and explores a number of different emotions.

Poetry can also use literary techniques like metaphors, similes, and anything else that can be used to express the emotions of a certain situation, as the end goal is to bring out a reaction out of the reader. In many cases, things like rhyme and repetition are used to get this desired effect, although they are not necessary in order for a piece of literature to be considered poetry. Poems will also often include a great deal of imagery, as this is able to help make the statement that the poet desires to get across, since it will help the reader to visualize things more easily. The structure of poems varies greatly as well, as different types of poems will follow a different basic structure.

Different Types of Poetry #1: Free Verse

One common type of poetry is called Free Verse, which is a type of poetry that actually does not have a set pattern. The lines can either be rhymes or unrhymed and this type of poetry was actually invented to break free from the common types of poetry that were used previously, as they were seen as being too structured. Basically, Free Verse goes against what people had originally considered poetry to be and, ironically enough, it is this break from convention that helps make Free Verse extremely poetic.

Humbly she comes
Hands cupped
Bearing kindness
Offering words
I own
No thing
I bring you
Only this
Naked presence
Of God
Living in me
This is
All I have to give
And in this moment
All of me
Is yours
by Wingpoem

Different Types of Poetry #2: An Ode

An Ode is a much longer poem that is meant to tell a rather serious story. Commonly, Odes are written as a love poem, as it can be written to someone or about someone. John Keats is a very popular poet who wrote some very famous Odes over the course of his life. An example of a famous Ode that was written by Keats is Ode on Melancholy, in which he personifies many different emotions to bring meaning to them. The following passage is a very good example of an Ode because of the imagery that is used:

'She dwells with Beauty-Beauty that must die;
And Joy, whose hand is ever at his lips
Bidding adieu; and aching Pleasure nigh,
Turning to poison while the bee-mouth sips:
Ay, in the very temple of Delight'

Different Types of Poetry #3: Ballads

Ballads are a unique type of poem because they aim to tell a story in a similar fashion to a folk tale. They will also commonly feature a refrain, which is similar to a chorus in a song and in some cases, Ballads are meant to be a song. The story that is told in a Ballad is meant to be in the form of a poem and this has been a very popular form of story telling at various points in history. The story can be about absolutely anything, although it is very common for people to write them about love because the repetition ends up getting the point across about the subject quite well.

Different Types of Poetry #4: Limericks

Limericks are usually pretty short in length, as they are only five lines in length. They can also be humorous at times, as they are meant to get a simple reaction out of the reader. The first, second, and fifth lines all rhyme with one another and they are seven to ten syllables in length. The third and fourth lines also rhyme with one another, but they are only five to seven syllables in length.

Different Types of Poetry #5: Haiku

Haiku is a Japanese style of poem that comes in three unrhymed lines with the first and third line being five syllables and the middle line being seven syllables. These are very simple poems that are meant to create some brief imagery for the reader.

Dawn gifts a soft touch
An invitation to love
Sweetest surrender

by Mia Rose

Different Types of Poetry #6: Tanka

Tanka also come from Japan and it consists of fives lines of poetry. Lines one and three have five syllables, while the rest of the lines have seven syllables. This is a very old type of poetry that has been used I Japan for centuries. Tanka is much more lyrical than Haiku and it is also much older. In addition, the purpose behind Tanka is to recognize beauty in everything, while Haiku is much more devoted to pointing out everyday things in life, especially things involving nature.

and in that moment
a warning rang out starkly ~~
oh make me feel safe
envelop me in love's warmth
soft, gentle, safe, like lamb's wool

by Mia Rose

Different Types of Poetry #7: Senryu

Senryu is very similar to Haiku in structure, except for it touches on human beings, rather than focusing purely on nature. In many cases, Senryu will point out humorous aspects of life and will poke fun at the way human beings react in certain situations. This makes Senryu a favorite among the Japanese people, as it is done in a very playful manner.

Each of these types of poetry is unique because of how it handles human emotions, as most poetry is written in a manner that will convince people to listen to the message that is being parlayed. Poetry is often called the language of love because of how easy it is to get emotion out of people when they listen to or read a quality piece of poetry. The majority of people who love poetry continue to read or write it because of the pure emotion that is present, as something that is well written can definitely bring out the best in a human being. The emotions that these people feel when reading this poetry is definitely very real because good poetry can make the reader feel as though he or she is experiencing the same emotions as the writer, especially when the imagery that is used is powerful enough to capture this emotion.

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