Destination Truth: Being who you are

A Journey in Truth

Destination Truth is about figuring out the simplest way to experience truth for life. It's a journey that's never quite complete as we evolve from early childhood where we're quite happy to seek out what we want and speak our truth, to adulthood where we sometimes tend to tuck our authenticity away to conform to society's expectations.

Truth for Life

Destination Truth

The longer I walk this earth, the more I believe in the importance of moving towards destination truth. Happiness is about living an authentic life - about being true to ourselves. It's being who we are and making choices without fear; trusting in our soul's wisdom.

Perhaps Louisa May Alcott said it best,

'I'm not afraid of storms, for I'm learning to sail my ship.'

Reflections on Truth

I recently asked my friends on Twitter to share their thoughts on truth. This is what they said:

@true_that: 'Living is the ultimate truth'

@Polyhymnio: 'Time is the ultimate TRUTH'

@tivajoy: What is the ultimate truth? 'We are all one.'

@stayinggrounded: 'truth is we are all one ~ and that "one" is love.'

@stayinggrounded: 'love is the ultimate truth. We spend our life searching outside for the truth ~ when it's inside us all the time.'

@yaknowmay: '...ultimate truth....your kids,...will treat your grand kids, you treat them....'

@yaknowmay: 'ultimate has no color'

@tivajoy: 'No matter how much you try and hide from it, the truth always reveals itself!'

@KarenHAustin: 'truth is a wavy line... sometimes grey, always personal, for the benefit of others more than yourself'

MizAngelou: 'Truth is a 'personal' thing and cannot be transferred to others. It is mine, yours, theirs - not ours!'

@McKick: 'I've learned that truth is different for each person, it is not black and white or right and wrong.'

@Mckick: 'it's a gift when you give those you care about the space & acceptance to find & live what's true for them, without judgement'

@lassiter12: 'Truth begins in faith that there is some kind of objective truth and that our minds can discover at least part of it.'

@emmanx: 'truth reveals itself when you shed the human construct and shift awareness along the band of life'

@MizAngelou: 'Truth is fine - but it can hurt if not offered correctly!'

... and with tongue-in-cheek,

@MeanderingSoul 'I'm all for it!'

Truth or Fiction

In our quest to move towards destination truth, it's worthwhile to start asking yourself what is truth or fiction - and nowhere more urgently than in our own thoughts. Sometimes when we have a problem, our thinking isn't quite as clear as it needs to be. Asking the right questions increase possibility, motivation and control. Here are some questions to ask yourself when you feel stuck:

What are the facts in this situation?

What story am I telling myself about this?

More often than not, it's the stories we tell ourselves about any given situation that keep us stuck. Once we're able to clearly distinguish whether we're upset about fact or fiction, we can move on to some healing questions.

How else could I look at this?

What can I learn from this?

How much will this matter in five year's time?

Truth for Life

To love and be loved is as authentic as life gets - and that's the truth. Or maybe as my friend @Wingpoem says,

'I don't know what truth is, but my heart does.'

If you enjoyed my page on destination truth, you may like to view my collection of truth quotes for more reflections on truth.

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