The Definition of Soulmate

My favourite definition of soulmate is a relationship that exists on a deeper, more spiritual level than most of our other relationships. Thomas Moore described a soulmate as ’someone to whom we feel profoundly connected, as though the communication and communing that take place between us were not the product of intentional efforts, but rather a divine grace.’

The Meaning of Soulmate

Soulmates To understand the term soulmate, we have to understand what is meant by soul first. Gary Zukav describes the soul simply as the eternal part of you that existed before you were born and will continue to exist when you die. Thomas Moore defines the soul as follows:

’Soul is different from spirit. The deep soul is the way we live every day, our longings and our fears. It’s those feelings that really make life worth living. The way desire and love fit into it is that, what you really long for, what you really want, takes you to your soul, who you are at your deepest level.’

The soul helps us to feel deeply connected to humanity – across all cultures and times – and reflects our constant search for love and a sense of belonging.

In the language of love, the definition of soulmate is someone with whom we connect intimately and deeply. Soulmates complete each other and the search for a soulmate is often described as a quest for one’s ‘other half.’

’Greek mythology tells us that human beings were originally born with two heads, four arms and four legs. Zeus, feeling intimidated by these creatures, split them down the middle, causing them to spend eternity searching for their other halves in order to become whole.’

To attract your soulmate, it’s imperative that you’re ready for a deep and meaningful relationship. It’s also advisable to let go of the romantic notion that once you find your soulmate, you will be happy.

The truth is that nobody else can make you happy. Not even a soulmate can fill the void in your life that is created when you don’t have a true sense of identity and purpose in the world. Make sure that you are open to attracting the kind of love you really need, for the right reasons, and in a positive way.

So What is a Soulmate?

Nikki Williamson describes a soulmate as follows:

• A soulmate is someone with whom you never have to prove yourself. There is an immediate sense of comfort when you meet your soulmate. You will begin to feel at easy with all your flaws because this person just accepts you. They love you for your strengths but they accept your weaknesses, too.

• A soulmate is someone with whom you can be honest. When you are with a soulmate, you will feel a need to confess. A soulmate inspires you to share things that are very personal because you are not afraid of rejection.

Gary Zukav also believes that you don’t have only one soulmate, but that every individual that you have encountered or will encounter is your soulmate.

Be careful not to assume that there is only one person out there that you are destined to be with, or who will complete you, or fulfil you, or save you. The relationships that you now have are with fellow souls and the relationships that you will form in the future will also be with fellow souls. Your challenge is to determine how you will relate with each one. As Zukav says, ’Your soul mates are not your saviors. They are your fellow students in the Earth school.’

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