Crystal Healing Meditation

Open your heart to consciousness, positive energy and light with this beautiful crystal healing meditation.

Choose any crystals that you are drawn to but the following four are a good place to start:

Healing Crystals

* Clear quartz is a good choice to tune into exploring your own life path. It unblocks all areas of the body that are being inhibited from receiving a flow of energy and information which guides our search for our authentic selves.

* Rhodonite helps you to embrace healing as you are filled with a peaceful heart energy that facilitates the ability to love and trust. Soften your breathing and imagine your heart song echoing through the universe with sweet abandon.

* Hematite encourages you to keep the faith even when the road becomes rocky and challenges seem to block the way. Feel yourself gently relax into a pace of softness, cleansed by Mother Earth's energy coaxing you into the fullness of yourself.

* Selenite aligns you with your soul's light, filling you with blessings straight from the angel, offering you support on your life's journey. Just listen to your soul's whispers and move forward with love and joy.

Crystal Meditation

Prepare your meditation space by clearing all clutter, lighting a candle and placing your crystals around you. Make yourself comfortable and rub frankincense, sandalwood and lavender oils over your body. Don't forget to anoint your third eye, the back of your neck and the soles of your feet.

Relax your breathing and begin to release all tension in your body. Establish a breathing pattern that flows from the base of your belly to your crown and back again. Continue breathing like this for a few minutes until you body and mind feel still.

When you're ready, reach out to each of the crystals you placed around you. Feel its vibrations move through your hand and your body and allow all blocks to melt away as you tune into the flow of energy created by these beautiful carriers of light.

As you touch each crystal in turn, ask for its message to be revealed to you. Messages will formulate and as they do, let them drift like feathers on a soft breeze. Stay with this until you clearly feel, see and embrace what you need to know. Allow all fear to slip away, being replaced by a soft and gentle allowing of all that is. Let all resistance go and let yourself be.

Imagine Mother Earth breathing her essence into you through the crystals you touch. Feel yourself lighten and stay with this feeling as long as you need to.

Once you feel ready, come back, open your eyes and rub your wrists together. Remember to journal your thoughts, feelings and the messages that you have received. Extinguish the candle, gather your crystals and walk into a new day.


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