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Capricorn Romance

Romance Capricorn lovers may seem cool and controlled on the outside, but those who know you intimately know you have a passionate side and a natural appreciation for intimacy. You’re quite reserved, but once you get over your shyness, you can be a fantastic lover.

Endurance is one of your strong points. Your partner can count on your stamina to satisfy their needs. You feel no need to rush things, and feel safer when you can follow a set of established steps to reach your goal.

You’re not one to crave exploration of new territories, but you handle all the basic moves with confidence and competence.

The Capricorn Man

’This man will probably not send you flowers or love letters, but on your twenty fifth wedding anniversary he may charter a plane to whisk the two of you to Paris so you can spend the evening dancing on the floodlit banks of the Seine.’ ~ Joanna Martine Woolfolk.

The Capricorn man has a frank, earthy approach to love. Emotions are not easy for you and you find it difficult to trust. You’re a faithful lover and don’t feel the need to stray. There is a part of you, however, that prefers to remain a loner.

You appear self-assured and have a cool exterior. Yet you have a deep need to be assured of a woman’s love. You do have a romantic streak, but you will sacrifice romance to fulfil your ambitions.

Your passion is ignited easily and though you may not be the most imaginative or poetic partner, you are lusty and skilful in bed. For optimal intimate encounters, you prefer a comfortable setting – a big bed, soft lighting, romantic music and champagne will do the trick. You love surprising your partner and the right woman will soon get to know your sensual, poetic side.

The Capricorn Woman

As a Capricorn woman, you care a great deal about love. You’re an extravagant romantic, but very private and restrained at the same time. You believe in taking matters in your own hands when it comes to fate, but take you take your time in finding the right partner. You’re the least likely of all the zodiac signs to fall in love ar first sight.

Like all Earth signs, you have a deep-rooted sensuality that blossoms when you feel safe. You need someone who will cherish you, and who will respect your need to be self-sufficient.

You may appear shy or submissive, but you are resilient, self-disciplined and blessed with a clear mind and commonsense approach to life and love.

You are deeply feminine – a lady with class – yet with a reserve of inner strength. IZn romance, you hope to be pursued, wooed, and seduced. At the same time, you like to dominate in relationships and dictate the terms.

Your biggest challenge is not to be too demanding. Your passions run deep and all you ask for is to be honoured, loved and respected in a union that has staying power.

Turn-ons in Capricorn Relationships:

According to Starsky and Cox, authors of Sextrology, Capricorn romance is characterized by the following turn-ons:

  • older women / younger men;
  • spanking;
  • role reversal;
  • secrecy;
  • body worship;
  • spectacles;
  • hands and feet;
  • tantrism, spirituality;
  • hygiene.

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