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Cancer Love Horoscope for 2012

In 2012, Pluto continues to offer the potential for transformation in relationships due to its ongoing visit to your seventh house of relationships. Expect themes of power, control and intensity to emerge under Pluto's influence, as you continue to explore the potential of increasingly honest and deepening relationships. Be careful not to allow confrontations to get out of hand and trust your inner wisdom when it comes to power play dynamics.

Mercury also visits your love sector in 2012. From January 8 to 27, communication in close partnerships will be revived. This can be a fun-filled period where you conquer anxiety and stress surrounding relationships. If you're single and would like to enter into a love relationship, Mercury will help you to open your heart and connect. If you're already committed, expect new venues to open in relevant areas of focus through honest discussion. Through-out January, talking is the answer to spicing up your love life.

When passion planet Mars joins intense Pluto's party in your love house from November 17 to December 26, you can expect your desire for love to rise significantly. This is a good time to take charge of your most important relationships. An increase in confidence will help you to find a good balance between honouring your own and others' needs. Fiery Mars will also help you to be decisive in the choices you make. When Mars and Pluto join forces on November 28, you can expect a lightning bolt of intensity in your love life.

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Aries Love Horoscope in 2011

Saturn brings stability and long-term commitment at home and with family in 2011. However, love and romance take second seat to your work and public roles this year.

Self-love is an important theme in your life this year, especially from July 5 to 29 when Venus in your sign helps you focus on your sense of individual beauty. It’s not about conforming to external images of what is acceptable, but all about reconnecting with your own sense of self-worth. You’re doubly blessed as Venus visits your relationship sector twice, from February 5 to March 5, and November 27 to December 21. Venus is all about sharing pleasure and enjoyment, and under her touch, relationships grow as you focus on sharing the good things in life with those you love.

Mercury visits your love and partnership zone from January 14 to February 4, which benefits your ability to communicate with those dear to your heart. Heartfelt discussions strengthen your romantic relationships and curiosity helps you to overcome any initial shyness in new love. If single, you’re at your most attractive, witty and flirty in the first half of the year. If attached, make this a time of consciously putting your best foot forward and focusing on romance. Regardless of whether you’re attached or single, you’ll have numerous opportunities to boost the amount of love and affection you need for happiness in your world.

Power planet Pluto continues his visit through your partnership zone, which benefits your ability to use your inner strength to make any needed changes in your intimate partnerships. Key dates where truth, honesty and passion spark change in your relationships include January 18, February 10, February 22 to March 2, August 11 and 12, as well as December 2 and 31.

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