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Welcome to our Cancer compatibility page. Family-focused and traditional, Cancer prefers partners who provide support and stability, as well as respect for the past.

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Zodiac Love Compatibility

Most Compatible Zodiac Sign Love Matches

• Sensitive Cancer is a good love match for emotional Water sign mates Scorpio and Pisces. Scorpio offers Cancer depth and an experience of true intimacy. Mutual trust and acceptance will make this a very positive relationship. Home life can be sacred here, and Scorpio’s loyalty to loved ones ensures that family – their own or each other’s – comes first. Cancer also basks in the stability that Scorpio offers and learns from Scorpio to slow down a little.

• Pisces is a great love match for Cancer as Pisces finds it easy to adjust to whatever direction Cancer prefers. You learn to see the big picture from Pisces and together you focus on meaning and a spiritual view of life’s daily dramas. Your relationship will be rich with romance and emotion.

• As a Water sign, Cancer benefits from the stability offered by her fellow yin signs, the earth trio. Taurus is a particularly grounding and nourishing partner for Cancer. Security, warmth, and romance will fill your lives together. The two of you have a strong fertile energy, which is excellent for growing a family or finances.

• Life with a Virgo will be filled with patience and understanding. Virgo teaches Cancer discernment and boundaries, and reminds you to make self-care a priority.

• As Cancer’s opposing sign, Capricorn offers balance as it pursues different goals. A Cancer Capricorn match is potentially one of the most traditional ever, where gender roles are supported and each partner is clear on their contribution to the relationship.

Least Compatible Zodiac Love Matches

The least compatible zodiac love matches for Cancer are generally considered to be Aries and Libra.

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