Broken Heart Tattoos

Enjoy our selection of best broken heart tattoos.

Broken Heart Tattoos

Broken Heart Designs

Broken Heart Designs

Do you feel as if you've been stabbed in the heart with a sword? Or perhaps that your heart went up in flames?

Sooner or later we all get our hearts broken. Sad but true. And when you're suffering from the heartache caused by losing someone you loved deeply, a tattoo may serve as a reminder of both love and loss.

For some people, a heart tattoo can be a potent symbol of the risks associated with giving your heart to someone - and a warning for the future. But then, if you don't risk heartache, you don't allow the joy of romance into your heart either...

In the end, everyone has to make up their own minds about what they want to remember about a relationship that hasn't worked out. My wish for you is that you focus on the happy memories!

Here are a few of my favourite broken heart designs from Thinkstock:

Broken Heart

Broken Heart with Ladybirds

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