The Aries Woman in Love

Want to know more about the Aries woman in love?

The Aries Woman in Love

Passionate and intense, you are a full-blooded, independent, forceful female. When a love interest appears on the scene, you throw yourself into the enthralling game of seeing how fast you can capture him. You’re fascinated by challenge!

’You’re a fully stocked fireplace, with logs, kindling and paper, just waiting for the touch of a match to set you on fire.’

You strongly express different sides of your personality and sexuality. You don’t hide your passion or your love of power. You don’t want to wait around to be pursued and will often make the first move.

As much as you try to be one of the gang, you are a born leader. Aries being a masculine sign, you find it just about impossible to convert your assertive energy into being a ‘sweet girl’. You tend to be sport oriented and active.

You have a good sense of style and don’t like anything fussy or frilly. A tailored look suits you best and you feel spectacular in sexy red or black underwear. Chances are you love the idea of riding a motorcycle with accompanying leather outfits.

The Aries woman is all about a tough exterior and a powerfully sexy interior. You don’t have inhibitions and will delight a lover with your physical passion. Even though you want more than a one-night stand, your relationship won’t last without a healthy dose of wild energy between the sheets. You’re at your happiest with a lover that can match your ardour.

A love affair with you isn’t easy. You want freedom and togetherness all at the same time. You have an enormous need for love. Beneath your tough exterior is a child who can be hurt easily. Your ego needs stroking, and compliments make you feel happy and secure.

In love you will be faithful, but you expect total fidelity in return. Your jealousy is rooted in possessiveness. You demand your lover’s full attention – romance is an all-or-nothing game to you.

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