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Aries Love Horoscope for 2012

Aries You have gone through a maturing process in relationships under the influence of Saturn over the past couple of years. You have been transformed in being shown the true value of commitment. You've also realised the importance of good boundaries in long-term relationships. Under Saturn's sombre influence, you may have gone through make-or-break periods in romance. Saturn cycles are great to help you work out who is worthy of your love and support.

Saturn continues its journey through your seventh house of relationships until October 5. This provides you with a few more month to restructure your closest relationships. It's important to be realistic when you make decisions in romance. Be authentic in your approach to love and extra careful not to make promises that you can't keep. Be honest with yourself about relationships that you've outgrown and take the steps to terminate them gently.

Good news is that visits from Mars and Venus will bring opportunities to add spice and passion to your romantic life. From July 3rd to August 23, Mars will assist you in progressing partnerships through mutual support and compromise. When Mars aligns with Saturn in your love house on August 15, there is potential for commitment in a love affair.

Expect October 28 to November 22 to be one of your most romantic periods of the year, thanks to a visit from Venus. Have fun with being your most playful best. Your new-found confidence during this period allows you to show your sweet side and be super affectionate,

Your fourth house of home and family is not as active in 2012. June 7 to September 6 is the best time to instigate changes to your family relationships and living space. From August 7 to September 6, Venus sweetens family relationships. It is a good time to prioritise quality time with those you love. It's also a good time for re-decorating.

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Aries Love Horoscope in 2011

You are larger than life through the first half of the year as Jupiter transits your sign. With Saturn and Pluto in your sign, 2011 stands out as a year of reshaping, especially where relationships are concerned. Saturn’s basic influence is practical and grounded, helping you to see your intimate relationships the way they are, not what you would like them to be. Saturn also highlights the value of partnership in ways that make you view commitment in a more positive way. You are challenged to re-evaluate your long-term relationship plans – but with your eyes and heart wide open.

One of your missions in 2011 is to explore how you can balance your personal priorities with your relationship goals, especially from March 28 to 31. A strong need to clearly define your identity, along with personal boundaries, means affirming your priorities and ending distracting involvements. All in all, love feels a little more like work than fun through-out the year. Be wise about ending relationships that don’t serve you, but dig deep to honour your promises to others.

On a positive note, Venus gifts you with warmth and affection in the second half of the year. From September 16 to October 10 you can expect a significant turning point regarding love and romance. A Mercury / Saturn link highlights the importance of reliability in strengthening relationships on October 17.

Like a caterpillar, you may spend some time in a cocoon this year, but ultimately you undergo transformation into a whole new you as you purge your life of the old.

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