Aries and Virgo Love Compatibility

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Aries and Virgo Love Matches

Initially, the two of you find each other fascinating. Shy, reserved Virgo is intrigued by Aries’ bold and fearless approach to love and romance. Aries loves the idea of having all the minor details of life taken care of. Unfortunately the two of you have totally different ideas of what should happen in the bedroom – and everywhere else. Aries is full of exciting new plans and ideas, and insists on being the boss. Virgo is critical and fussy, and like things to be done the way that suits Virgo. Aries passion is impulsive and direct, while Virgo is more enigmatic. Virgo may disapprove of Aries’ extravagance, while Aries may find Virgo cold and nit-picking.

A healthy lifestyle is a great goal for the two of you to share. Aries can get you both fired up, while Virgo can reinforce the discipline required to maintain a hearty regimen. Both of you are hard workers, and joint projects inspire mutual admiration and strengthen your bond.

To make this match work over time, you have to reach an understanding that you’re very different from each other. You actually complement each other beautifully, as long as you can work on unconditional acceptance. Together, you have the potential to enrich your relationship with abundance and success. However, if you’re not careful, the two of you may end up making war, not love.

Straight Relationships

Aries Man – Virgo Woman

You embody the ambition that turns on the typical Virgo female; you’re captivated by her virgin-like purity. You want to protect her, while she enjoys managing your career, if not your life. Your needs are often in conflict, but intimacy is a revelation.

Aries Woman – Virgo Man

The two of you are a mystery to each other. You challenge each other to change in a positive way, but may not be able to overcome the differences between you. In intimacy, you’re both game to explore each other’s fantasies.

Gay Relationships

Aries Man – Virgo Man

Your relationship may start out with a purely physical, no-strings-attached need on both sides. Yet the bond between you may thrive on your soulful empathy with each other. Intimacy is open and satisfying.

Aries Woman –Virgo Woman

The two of you are a joy to behold. You spark each other’s creative passions and once you’ve won each other’s hearts, you’re joined at the hip. Virgo’s ardour comes as a surprise and sensational adventures in the bedroom is a given.

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