Aries and Scorpio Love Compatibility

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Aries and Scorpio Love Matches

Scorpio and Aries love can be a bonfire of passion. Your chemistry can bubble up and explode in a burst of erotic interest and excitement. Both of you are physical and energetic when it comes to matters of the heart. Everything is fine in the bedroom – it’s on the emotional front that challenges arise.

You both have forceful personalities and you both want to control the other. You develop a healthy respect for each other’s strengths and you may both feel that you’ve finally met your match. Conflict between you may become heated and intense, and while Aries may like to get everything out in the open, Scorpio may shut down, withdraw, and come up with a devastating punishment. You both have wills of steel, but in the end, Scorpio’s possessiveness and jealousy may push Aries too far. Aries’ need for freedom and outside interests makes Scorpio feel insecure. Aries refuses to submit to Scorpio and Scorpio won’t take a backseat either. This is an unstable partnership with a low ignition point. However, sheer willpower and unbending determination may make this love affair last.

Straight Relationships

Aries Man – Scorpio Woman

She seems unattainable, which makes you want her even more. Once you’ve captured her heart, it seems that the two of you have it all: looks, glamour and wealth. There is fire in the bedroom and both of you enjoy the action.

Aries Woman – Scorpio Man

You may not be the ideal pair, but your similar defiant natures fascinate each other. There’s a complicated dynamic between you in the bedroom as erotic addictions on both sides are awakened.

Gay Relationships

Aries Man – Scorpio Man

Your connection is sexy and aggressive. You share a profound physical compatibility, with Scorpio often being the instigator. Emotionally, your union is complex. Both of you suppress a lot of anger.

Aries Woman – Scorpio Woman

What starts out as an all-consuming love affair may not have any staying power, but you both enjoy the lust while it lasts.

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