Aries and Leo Love Compatibility

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Aries and Leo Love Matches

Both of you have big egos and both of you like to be the leader of the pack. Aggressive Aries wouldn’t dream of taking second place, and kingly Leo needs constant admiration to stay happy in a relationship. On a positive note, both of you admire the other’s strong will and competitive streak.

Together, the two of you are a highly spirited, courageous partnership. Loyalty is the glue that holds you together and one of the keys to make this relationship work is for neither of you to take each other too seriously. You both need to fulfil each other’s need for constant admiration and attention.

It’s a passionate affair in the bedroom, for both of you are fiery and romantic. Aries is optimistic and open to life; Leo is generous and good-hearted. You enjoy an easy, playful intimacy between the sheets. In public, you’re highly affectionate and love to stroke and embrace each other. If the two of you can make room to compromise about who dominates whom, this could be a happy mating.

Straight Relationships

Aries Man –Leo Woman

There’s an intense initial attraction between the two of you. You have traditional ethics in common. You also find the Leo woman’s stealth and self-confidence impressive. Your union stays exhilarating through out the years.

Aries Woman – Leo Man

Love at first sight is a likely scenario. Aries finds her alpha-male match, while Leo has fantasies of an easy co-existence. Commitment follows quickly and ecstasy is within reach in the bedroom.

Gay Relationships

Aries Man – Leo Man

You are both ultra-masculine and admire each other’s strength of spirit. Your union has the potential to be both deeply sexual and deeply spiritual. Intimacy is wonderfully gratifying.

Aries Woman – Leo Woman

The two of you form a warm, romantic partnership. You share a wonderful optimism and have the potential to create a lasting union.

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