Aries and Capricorn Love Compatibility

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Aries and Capricorn Love Matches

The two of you are an interesting match. You can be the kind of power couple that stays together forever, while outsiders wonder how two such completely different people can get along so well. What you have here is a great delegation of individual talents. You inspire each other to be more efficient, effective and successful.

On the downside, Capricorn may be just too conservative for innovative, experimental Aries. Capricorn is ordered, settled and practical, while Aries is restless, fiery and impulsive. Both of you like to dominate. By combining forces, you can become a spectacular team.

One of the Aries Capricorn combination’s biggest challenges is dealing with money. Aries has expensive tastes, while Capricorn is security-minded.

Your union does well in the bedroom – both of you have deep-seated passions that match each other well. When the time is right, your passion for each other can by physical, sensual and uninhibited. Capricorn, with your strength and endurance you will win your Aries lover’s respect.

Straight Relationships

Aries Man – Capricorn Woman

The two of you are a rare pair. Your fighting spirit complements her unrelenting faith well. Independence is your mutual mantra. In intimacy, the Capricorn female readily submits to the Aries will.

Aries Woman – Capricorn Man

This is a messy match – dramatic, chaotic and lacking in clear direction. Both of you have wild fantasies and express them comfortably with each other.

Gay Relationships

Aries Man – Capricorn Man

Your initial fascination with each other quickly turns to an enduring friendship. Passion between you is hard to sustain.

Aries Woman – Capricorn Woman

Your learning curve is steep, but the infatuation between you has the potential to last. Intimacy between you is wonderful as you both worship each other.

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