Aquarius Relationships

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Aquarius Love

Aquarius, you value your freedom so much that it may take you a long time to commit to a single partner. You’re at your happiest with a mate who respects this need – it will actually make you open up to them more.

You have strong opinions about true love and you experience intense feelings of affection in a romantic relationship. Tradition isn’t all that important to you and you show your love in unconventional ways. Be aware that others may find your antics disconcerting – even shocking!

Friendship is an important aspect of your relationship. You desire a union that will foster personal growth. You have a need for mental stimulation and you love to explore possibilities that transcend the boundaries of social norms.

You guard your independence fiercely and abhor any attempts by others at controlling you. You will tolerate nothing less than an equal relationship.

You’re honest and others can even perceive you as a little too frank, but the good thing is that there is no ambiguity about where you’re coming from. You’re a loyal and trustworthy friend and lover.

There is a strong social aspect to the sign of Aquarius and you enjoy parties, groups, clubs and other organisations that are connected with social or spiritual issues. An active social life is an important part of your mental and emotional wellbeing. Support from your partner in these endeavours will put your relationship on solid ground.

Your search for meaning will continue throughout your life and if you find someone who is excited to accompany you on this journey, you’ll be happy in love.

’You’re not afraid of social taboos and are likely to explore unconventional emotional and sexual practices.’

Tips for the Aquarius Relationship

• Be careful that you don’t alienate potential partners with your unconventional ways. Test the waters first before shocking others with your frolics.

• It will serve you well to learn to be a little more tactful when communicating with your partner.

• Understand that not everyone is as broad-minded and liberal as you are. Other star signs might find it challenging to give you the independence and freedom you crave.

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