Aquarius Men

Aquarius men are intuitive thinkers with a very practical streak.

There are two rulers of Aquarius: Saturn and Uranus. The Aquarius man ruled by Saturn is usually more conservative and cautious than the Uranus-ruled Aquarius man. If you're under Saturn's rule, you are basically tolerant, interested in expanding your mind, and seduced by innuendo rather than hot, sweaty passion.

If you're ruled by Uranus, it's very important to you to be perceived as unique. You have a liberal attitude towards life and love sharing your ideas and envisioning a better world.

As an Aquarian you're a bit of a square peg, and interested in anything from complex social issues to the latest technology.

As a rule, Aquarius men don't usually set their sights on making a lot of money, but because of your creative thinking abilities and good communication skills, it is likely that you will accumulate wealth over time. You may be overlooked for promotions because you seem rather dispassionate when it comes to ambition and success. However, it's more that you're hesitant to reveal your feelings until you feel confident and secure.

Most people perceive you to be cool in temperament, but when your temper is ignited, its force can be intense. You don't like authority or any form of traditional constraint, and you have a deep desire to exercise your freedom of spirit. It's important to you to express your unique individuality. You sense that your purpose is to develop, grow and fully explore your potential as a human being. You understand that the most important time in your life is right now. You enjoy the idea of exploring and experiencing life in all its variety and complexity.

You're intelligent and you know it. You possess loads of concentrated energy and want to achieve the extraordinary in life. Frustration builds when you struggle with negotiating the gap between where you are and where you want to be. It's important not to project your anger onto others. It will benefit you greatly to learn some patience in life and in love.

The Aquarian male wants to be viewed as different and unique, and your trademark is originality. Boredom is the enemy - so you surround yourself with people that you find interesting and stimulating. You may be drawn to express yourself in creative ways, whether in the arts, or creative pursuits of technology. You enjoy anything that pushes 'normal life' beyond its limits to something new and exciting.

Chances are that you'll surprise your loved ones with your outrageous ideas on a regular basis. You love change and adventure. You can be very stubborn and don't allow other people's concerns to stand in your way.

Aquarius men can be great leaders, that is, if you choose to be. This is due to your ability to motivate others. Your biggest challenge is to balance your progressive ideals with the accepted norms in society.

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