Aquarius and Leo Love Compatibility

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Aquarius and Leo Love Matches

Love often strikes the two of you like a bolt out of the blue. You gravitate towards each other like magnets with opposing charges. While one of you cares about humanity in general, the other tends to be more self-oriented. This can lead to accusations of selfishness vs. impersonality. Leo in particular has a desire to live an extravagant life, but generosity and kindness are a saving grace.

If you can both honour each other’s need to be true to themselves, it can provide a way out of conflict. It’s important that you both make a heartfelt commitment to serve others together, which will allow you to share in expressing the highest love a couple can offer humanity. The two of you together are a stronger force for good than either of you could be alone.

You can both be rebellious, but the foundation for your relationship is mutual respect for each other’s talents. You feel that your partner is the one person who truly appreciates how unique and special you are.

Straight Relationships

Aquarius Man – Leo Woman

The Leo woman makes an unforgettable impression on the Aquarius man. You can help each other further your ambitions, which can easily become a driving force of this relationship. The Aquarius man is inventive and erotic in the bedroom, while Leo enjoys straightforward sexual expression.

Aquarius Woman – Leo Man

The Aquarius woman and Leo man form a big and bold union, but the relationship is as unpredictable as it is unique and exceptional. Intimacy is passionate, and energized by high regard for each other, as well as a touch of envy.

Gay Relationships

Aquarius Man – Leo Man

The two of you are mutually supportive, but the Aquarius man’s rules take precedence. To make the union work, Leo needs to re-evaluate his lifestyle and reconfigure his priorities. Leo benefits from the passionate love offered by Aquarius, which frees him from any self-doubt.

Aquarius Woman – Leo Woman

There needs to be a good balance of give and take to make this union work. Aquarius sometimes finds Leo too demanding. Together, you can be larger than life. Intimacy is luscious when Aquarius takes the lead.

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