Aquarius and Gemini Love Compatibility

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Aquarius and Gemini Love Matches

Your love celebrates a union of the minds. You are great friends and love that you can regard each other as intellectual equals. Communication is open as you engage in an electrifying exchange of ideas. Flirting involves ingenious word play and nimble mental gymnastics – a potent form of seduction that leads to deeper connection – and love.

One of your challenges is that both of you can be too smart for your relationship’s own good. You may start butting heads, just for the fun of it, and end up being stubbornly self-righteous. Harmony is only possible if you both embrace the motto, ‘it’s better to be happy than right.’

You have a playful, experimental approach to love and romance. Together, you want to try anything. Twice. You’re able to give each other plenty of freedom, and cling to each other lightly, which is exactly what you both prefer.

Gemini may need more interaction with other people than Aquarius can provide. If Aquarius is secure, it won’t be a problem. Learning to trust that what you have in the present is real and good helps you both feel safe.

Straight Relationships

Aquarius Man – Gemini Woman

You are instantly attached and emotionally bound to each other, but be careful, co-dependence can become a pitfall. Sexually, you find each other captivating, but disillusionment abounds. Intimacy between you can be rather clumsy.

Aquarius Woman – Gemini Man

Both of you have a deep need to please each other. Gemini is your ideal fling, and Aquarius relishes the role of minx and mentor. Passion between you is vigorous and hearty.

Gay Relationships

Aquarius Man – Gemini Man

Aquarius is Gemini’s fantasy man. This love union has the potential to be a dynamic and exhilarating ride – especially when it comes to passion in the bedroom.

Aquarius Woman – Gemini Woman

The connection between you is empathic in the extreme – almost as if your love union was predestined. You focus inward as a couple – and don’t feel obliged to partake on anything that does not involve or honour your relationship. When it comes to intimacy, you are both generous lovers.

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