Aquarius and Aries Love Compatibility

Welcome to our Aquarius and Aries compatibility page. Wondering what it is like dating Aquarius or what is the perfect zodiac love match for Aquarius?

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Aquarius and Aries Love Matches

Aries is the ‘me-me-me’ sign, and people born under this sign can be quite egocentric. You can’t help but wish your partner would offer you more recognition and consideration.

A passion for anything new and enthusiasm for the future can spark the flame of this romance. Sharing the courage to buck trends and start your own, you may treasure the support and understanding you can give each other. Friendship comes naturally in this match, and plenty of freedom can be the wind beneath your wings of love.

You both may feel strongly about doing things ‘your way,’ which is fine, as long as you both agree.

Should you get stuck in a stubborn disagreement, you have the creativity to find a new and innovative solution.

Respect for each other’s unique gifts and individuality is the glue that holds you together. Each partner has a talent for making the other feel special. Intimacy opens another realm of wonder and experimentation. Likely to push the outer envelope of erotic pleasure, you can ensure that every time feels like the first time.

As you and your partner negotiate your relationship over the years, you both learn to be a better giver and taker. This is the beginning of universal love.

Straight Relationships

Aquarius Man – Aries Woman

As an Aquarius man you have a sobering effect on the Aries woman. Her remote nature mirrors your own. Each of you inhabits a separate sphere – the overall effect is either meditative or mismatched. Sexually the two of you are unrestrained, but boundaries might be lacking.

Aquarius Woman – Aries Man

As an Aquarius woman you retain a strong sense of self. Intellectual growth is the outcome of your partnership. Sex is playful and plentiful.

Gay Relationships

Aquarius Man – Aries Man

Aries might need more affection than Aquarius is inclined to offer. But when it works, individuality and independence are the strongholds of your partnership. Sex remains comfortably casual. Other couples sometimes enter the mix.

Aquarius Woman – Aries Woman

At first, you try to hide your hook-up from others. But taboo is what keeps both of you tempted. Even when committed, this coupling remains one of the most erotic and exotic lesbian combinations.

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